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Entertain Mee

Questions, Answers and Real-Life Experiences on: Love, Sex, & Drugs

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Entertain Mee

This is a *brand*new* community if you are interested in becoming one of the MOD's please e-mail me at brokenslinky147@aol.com for more information.


(1) You MUST be at least 16 years old, and have your birth date listed on your info page. The age limit was changed due to high demand from those under 18 to join.
(2) Posting of pictures is allowed as well as long length post as long as an lj_cut is used.
(3) You MUST be open-minded and accept the fact that not everyone has the same beliefs as you. If you don't have something nice to say keep it to your self. Everyone is accepted as long as they fill out the questionaire at the bottom and are open-minded.
(4) No drama. Anyone who starts any will be deleted from this community.
(5) Answer Question #7 with: Up, Down and Inbetween the lines.
(6) Promoting is a MUST. Members must promote this community to atleast 3 people each month to stay a part of this community. The must post who they promoted to and when. Promotions must be done the last week of each month.
(7) If you are going to promote a community in here, you MUST promote us to the same community to which you are promoting to us. If found out that you did not promote us, your post will be deleted.
(8) All post must be posted under FRIENDS ONLY. If they aren't your post will be deleted. I would like to keep this a private community. Members who do not follow this rule have 24 hours after being warned to change it.
(9) You may post about things other then the 3 main topics.

Please make sure ALL of the rules are read and understood before filling out the questionaire.

Fill Out The Following and Post it to let us have a better insight on you: (a lj_cut is recomended)

In the subject line put Newbie!!

(1) Name:
(2) Age:
(3) Location:
(4) Sexual Prefrence:
(5) Marital Status:
(6) How did you find out about this community:
(7) Did you read all of the rules before joining?:
(8) Something Random:

You may post a maximum of two pictures of yourself with your questionaire.

And Some More..

Each week I will post a new random question. You can answer it or not. It's just to help us get to know eachother better.

Our *new* promoting banner:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com